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Self-Care Expert Joy Harris

Hi! I amJoy Harris-Edwards

Throughout my life, I have experienced more traumatic events than I care to share. Those years of trauma and abuse caused me to lose my identity. I went on a quest to rediscover who I was and learn how to advocate for my own mental wellness. After processing the pain and shame, I made it my life's purpose to help others heal, manage their traumatic wounds/painful experiences and live life from a victorious posture.


I've spent more than 15 years helping thousands of individuals gain tools to execute their goals, salute themselves and live in sustainable joy, peace of mind and become more productive. I have accomplished this through my company Authentic JOY, LLC. I use this channel to offer transformational coaching, professional development, and motivational speaking.  

I would love to share from my personal experience and knowledge to help you heal and grow from the inside out. 

After completing my Master's in Counseling, I became a Certified John Maxwell Team Member. I am also a certified MasterLife coach, which includes certifications in career, happiness, life transitions, and goal-success coaching. My heart's desire is to help you to learn self-advocacy, discover who God created you to be, and live life to your full potential; free from the bondage of trauma.  


In 2003, I published my book "Authentic Joy: Finding True Joy in a Compromising World" to help others live a life of freedom; God's way. I later co-authored "Embracing You" and was a featured collaborator on an anthology titled "Unstoppable Black Woman".

I am humbled that God has used my story to help heal others. Being able to provide coaching, inspire hope, and create affirmative change in the lives of thousands of individuals across the United States and internationally is mind-blowing.

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I genuinely look forward to helping you achieve the unshakable joy that stands no matter

what life throws your way. Let's start your journey to mental and emotional wholeness TODAY. 


TODAY is a GREAT day to Become a JOY Carrier!

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