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Are you in desperate need of more joy and peace in your life?

I would love help manage your past painful experience, impact your present and alter your future for the better.

I have a unique, yet proven strategy to help to reduce stress, decrease burnout and heal from the inside out.

You will experience sustainable daily authentic joy, peace of mind and be more productive if you follow my Strategic Joy Plan.

Joy Boot Camp
4-Week Intense Coaching Program

This intense 3-week; 75 minutes weekly 1 on 1 coaching program will teach you how to quickly add joy & peace to your life in 3 simple acts.

Authentic Joy Online 1 on 1 Coaching Program

Activate the future God designed for you! In this 180-day program, you will learn proven strategies to help you heal and grow forward after trauma.

Stories ofJoy

Terri Bryant

"Because of her coaching, my walk with Christ is as strong as ever. I love my job. I am one of a hand full of female football coaches across the nation. I have raised remarkable children. I have an amazing marriage, and my health and wellness business is thriving and growing during a pandemic. I truly believe I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. I highly recommend hiring Joy Harris-Edwards to coach you. God uses her to speak directly to you.”

Cheryl L. Tyler

“Mrs. Joy Harris has displayed excellent organization skills, is efficient and extremely competent. Joy is gifted in terms of her ability to build rapport, foster great relationships and in facilitating positive change.  Joy's opulence of knowledge related to evidence/researched based practices is phenomenal.  It has been both informative and a pleasure working with Joy.  Her integrity, strong work ethic and skill set makes her an asset.”

Rodney Jackson

"I would like to strongly recommend Ms. Joy Harris. Joy is a very knowledgeable, driven, loyal, dedicated, and hardworking individual with a very pleasant demeanor. Having known Joy has provided me with an insight to a woman, who always invests 110% of herself to achieving excellence in whatever field of endeavor she is applying, whether that field is professional career,

church, civic, or family."

Gregory B. Senior Pastor

 “Thank you for the time you spend in prayer, not just about your material, but about us.  It was obvious in our sessions that you had a strong investment in the guidance you were giving and in the people you were leading (us).”

Dr. Melissa. B.

“Thought you might want to see some of the fruit from your labor(s) of love, coaching, counseling,

and so much more! Thank you from

the bottom of my heart!!”

Gwin Minter

"Joy Harris has a love and passion for people which shows every time she opens her mouth to speak to an audience. I have had the pleasure of being in her company; she is gifted and very professional. If you are seeking a speaker that will motivate your audience, you have found a jewel in Joy. Please come to her next event you will not be disappointed!"

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